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Did you know that furniture is as fragile as any delicate scientific instrument? One needs to take great care while moving furniture from one place to another as shifting an entire chemical laboratory. Most other moving companies don’t take half the precautions required for furniture transport that we do, right from packing down to placing. Some of the features that we are proud to present are as follows:

  • We make use of furniture sliders which enable us to shift your couch or table from one place to another without much hassle. These sliders ensure that the flooring doesn’t get damaged either. Producing the least amount of friction between the base of your furniture and the floor is what these sliders are for.
  • We don’t disregard our employees at all. We keep them equipped with safety measures during the hauling process. Each of our employees has a shoulder dolly that can absorb most of the weight of any heavy furniture. We also use moving dollies and blankets to ease up the procedure.
  • The wraps that we use for packing your furniture is more than durable to withstand any level of stress during transport. Thus, even if our driver forgets to slow down at a speed bump, your furniture will remain scratch-free. Not that he/she usually does that. We are simply trying to emphasize the amount of work that we put into the wrapping process. You may rest assured that all your furniture will be provided with enough padding to withstand any and all kinds of stress during transport.
  • Did you know that furniture asks for a complete wrap, even under the crevices? If you don’t bind the corners, you might just end up with broken pieces of woodwork. Handling the joints is the most important part of efficiently moving furniture.
  • If a piece of furniture is detachable, we won’t think twice before pulling it apart. Don’t worry! We will definitely put it back together once we reach your new house.
  • We are absolute masters at moving bookshelves. It won’t take us long to remove the books from the shelves for easier transportation. You need not fret over the arrangement of your books. Our skilled detachers are even more skillful at arranging the books according to the categories specified. We are essentially nerds wearing movers' costumes!
  • Do you know about the high-low technique? Any elongated wardrobe calls for two haulers, and those two persons are required to utilize the high-low technique. It implies that one person holds the top part of the wardrobe horizontally at a lower angle, while the other holds the lower part at a higher angle, thus enabling an easy way to carry the load down to the truck. We use that strategy every single time!
  • Couches don’t necessarily apply the same technique. They need to be stood on end. This means that unlike a wardrobe, carrying a couch horizontally would result in a lot of damage during the hauling process. Hence, couches need to be hauled vertically, and our employees will do just that!

These minor requirements called for by any furniture mover are implemented by our personnel. We know all the tricks of the trade, thus ensuring that our strategies are put to good use during the actual moving procedure. Practice makes any human perfect, and we can guarantee that all our employees have practiced these strategies time and again. Trust and a bit of your expressed needs and expectations is all that we expect from you. You can leave the execution part to us!