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In our country, local moving implies any home or corporate relocation within 50 miles of your present location. Affordable Galveston Movers go by the guidelines but won’t mind bending the rules a bit for your sake. It is a known fact that local moving is less hectic compared to the long distance one. However, we deploy the same stringent strategies and management techniques for local moving as those for interstate ones.

It’s easy to say that local moving is simple. But when it comes down to it, believe us, it may prove to be as hectic as long distance moving. We at Affordable Galveston Movers will make the process as hassle-free as possible, leaving no task down to you. Just remember – it is our job to ease out the process as much as possible, and we love doing just that!

The procedures involved in local moving are the same as those for long distance moving. Even if you are only moving a few blocks down the street, you will still have to pack, transport, and unpack your household belongings. You can’t just dump them in your car and go about the job. You will have to make at least half a dozen trips to and from your destination, and there is no guarantee that your goods will remain unscathed during this slapdash transportation. Here’s what you will get after joining hands with our company:

  • We will wrap and pack your belongings as thoroughly as if they are headed through a thunderstorm.
  • We will also provide insurance for all your goods, but we assure you that we will get them transported without a single scratch on them. A unique piece of broken china cannot be replaced after all!
  • Our drivers know all the lanes and by-lanes throughout the city. Thus, they will take the best route to your destination, one which doesn’t have many speed bumps or a lot of traffic.
  • The hauling and unloading will be undertaken by our employees. We will take great care of your goods during these processes, as if every piece of your belonging is made of emeralds and gems.
  • You can leave the unpacking to our employees. We will ensure that an equal amount of care is taken while unpacking your goods as during the packing.
  • Are you too tired to put your furniture and other goods in place? Just let us know your desired arrangement and we will get the work done for you. While our manager will be present to supervise things, we give you a chance to supersede his duties and take matters into your own hands.

We know that local moving is possible without the help of a moving company, especially if you are only moving down the block, but we provide a high level of stability, a precise organizational structure, and a proficient workforce to get the job done; all this at an astoundingly affordable price!