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Over the years, long distance moving is always considered to be more cumbersome and complicated than moving within the city. However, we, at Affordable Galveston Movers, think it to be an easy task. In fact, regardless of the distance of the move, we always find moving and packing quite simple. That is not because we are blindsided, but because we absolutely love the work that we do.

During our employee selection process, we hire only those who are truly passionate about the work. If someone is here only for the money, we will not think twice before dismissing him/her. We know that passion drives a person to work to his/her full potential, and complete expertise is what we have built our reputation on.

That doesn’t mean that we take up any passionate individual. We will assess their learning prowess even if they don’t have the required knowledge, after which we will provide them with the relevant training, thus making them eligible to perform any kind of task. All our employees are fit enough to lift an entire wardrobe and adept enough to wrap any of your belongings for the journey.

We understand that long distance moving requires a high level of management skills. Hence, we have prepared a list of things that you need to do while planning a long distance move, all for your benefit:

  • The first that you need to do is to get a quote from your agent. In the case of Affordable Galveston Movers, you don’t need an agent to provide you with a qualitative quote. We will proactively render an effective price after analyzing your moving structure.
  • We will definitely provide you with an estimate before even assessing your property. However, if you want a more precise quote, you will need to allow us to analyze all your goods and belongings beforehand. We will evaluate your house and come up with a more accurate price for moving your goods from one place to another. Setting up this evaluation falls into your hands.
  • You need to inspect all the quotes offered by every moving company in your city, or outside of it. We are sure that our quote would be reasonable enough to get your approval.
  • Quote acceptance is followed by planning your move. While we at Affordable Galveston Movers will get everything planned for you, we can’t simply arrange things according to our schedule. You will need to help us out with your free time so that we could strategize accordingly.
  • The moving day experience proves to be tiresome for the owners under most circumstances. However, we will breeze through that day while you enjoy another one of your one-day vacations. We would suggest traveling to Islay and tasting the delicious whisky produced in that part of the world. It goes without saying that we will take good care of your belongings during the moving process. So, just sit back, relax, and savor the taste of the isles while we get all the hard work of moving done.

These are just part of the benefits which you may encounter during the moving process, the full length of which you will experience as soon as you hire our services. The only request that we will make of you is that you let us know all your requirements. You can leave the rest to our expertise.