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Our moving process usually differs from one client to another. It entirely depends upon the client’s requirements. However, the basic premise is the same – packing and wrapping, hauling, transporting, unloading, and arranging. Affordable Galveston Movers even provide cleaning services for those who ask for it without any additional charges.

  • Packing: While we expect you to keep your belongings categorized, we won’t mind helping you out with that task as well. After categorizing your goods, we will wrap each of those according to your instructions, padding them with foam wraps in order to avoid breakage. We have all kinds of boxes in our repertoire, ranging from the smallest ones for all your delicate belongings up to the biggest and thickest cardboards to store your overly large furniture and other equipment.
  • Hauling: Our hauling process basically involves implementing all the strategies to our knowledge. All your belongings, ranging from the heavy-set furniture down to the most delicate showpieces, will be satisfactorily loaded onto the back of the truck. And we won’t simply dump stuff there. We will arrange it appropriately so that every box has enough symmetrical space so as not to fall off during transport.
  • Transportation: The entire premise of packing and hauling your goods is for the benefit of reducing transportation accidents as much as possible. It doesn’t mean that our drivers are careless enough to cause any kind of accidents. In fact, we have handpicked the best and the most careful drivers to transport your valuable goods from one place to another. We never compromise on the efficiency of our service. Thus, you may rest assured that you will find all your belongings intact after they have been transported. What’s more, you even get insurance on those products.
  • Unloading: Unloading your belongings is quite similar to loading them. Thus, we guarantee that all your goods will be properly unloaded from the truck without causing them any kind of harm. We take really good care that your belongings remain intact during the unloading process as well.
  • Arranging: You will find that most other moving companies don’t provide any facilities for arranging your furniture. We are definitely not among those. We simply won’t let you go until we have placed all your furniture and belongings in place, as per your instructions. However, we are willing to take a step back if you wish to do it on your own. Your discretion is all that matters in this case!

Cleaning is one of the few unsaid parameters that we include in our regimen. Once we have wrapped and packed all your stuff, ready to be hauled onto the truck, we will then ensure that your previous house has been cleaned thoroughly. We will obviously dispatch our haulers to get the work done as soon as possible, but we simply won’t leave your old house untended. Similarly, we will dispatch our cleaners to your new house before unloading your belongings. Thus, your new tenants will be happy, and so would you!